Prime Your Surface for Perfect Coating and Paint Adhesion.

Metal surface being treated with an etching chemical

Essential for preparing a metal surface prior to conversion coating or painting, Confederate Chemicals supply a range of chemicals to prepare your work ready for it's next stage.

Clean Surface

We have etching and pickling chemicals to clean your metalwork so it is contaminant free, ready for paint

Even Finish

Get your metal surfaces in prime condition for an even coating for perfect coating uniformity

Acidetch 12: A strongly acidic etch system for Aluminium and it's alloys.

SuperAcidet: A strongly acidic detergent liquid, used to clean and pickle steel surfaces. This product contains biodegradable surfactants to aid the cleaning of your work.

SuperAcidet PCS: An inhibited, colourless, acidic liquid detergent preparation used by immersion to remove rust and scale from ferrous metals. It is ideally suited for de-rusting prior to phosphating or painting.