Preparation is Essential. Cleanse Your Work of Contaminants.

25 litre drums of cleaner formulations ready to go

Clean your surfaces to ensure they are uniform and free from contaminants

Spray versions of formulations also available

Products for immersion and spray applications, available as powders or liquids

Immersion Cleaners

Confederate Chemicals have a wide range of immersion cleaners suitable for most applications.

CLEANSOAK 101: Low causticity soak cleaner for ferrous metals and brass, CLEANSOAK 101 is ideal for heavily soled components prior to a separate electro-cleaning stage.

LEKTROSOAK: High causticity electro-soak cleaner. A general use electro-cleaner for low to medium soiling.Typically used anodically following a CLEANSOAK 101 tank.

LIQUID LEKTROSOAK: Highly caustic liquid version of LEKTROSOAK for electro-cleaning applications.

LEKTROSOAK EXTRA: Our best selling product. A sophisticated medium causticity cleaner, for use on ferrous metals and brass.Combining high quality soak cleaning surfactants with good electro-cleaning characteristics. LEKTROSOAK EXTRA also contains additives to prevent staining on brass.

ALCLEAN NE: Borax based soak cleaner for use on all metals, but principally as a non-etch leaner for aluminium.

ALCLEAN BPC: A heavy duty etch cleaner for Aluminium where you need to de-grease and etch in the same tank.

CLEANER DPR: A strongly chelated, caustic based product for use as a periodic reverse cleaner in electroplating operations.

DERUST X: A very heavy duty caustic based liquid principally used for phosphate and drawing lubricant removal after a drawing or forming operation. DERUST X is also a highly effective Alkaline Deruster where hydrogen embrittlement may be a problem.

Spray Cleaners

CLEANSPRAY 1: A sodium metasilicated based on etch cleaner, generally used as an inter-stage cleaner in engineering production line washing machines, CLEANSPRAY 1 floats the oil in the reservoir tank to allow skimming.

CLEANSPRAY 1B: Similar to CLEANSPRAY 1, but incorporating a nitrite base inhibitor to minimise post cleaning rusting of ferrous materials.

CLEANSPRAY 14B: A very heavy duty caustic based spray cleaner for the cleaning of heavily contaminated ferrous materials in engineering production lines or prior to vitreous enamelling.