Metal Finishing Overview

From Cleaning to Conversion Coating, Treat Your Work To The Perfect Process.


Confederate chemicals manufacture and supply a wide range of acidic and alkaline cleaners, these can be supplied in either powder or liquid forms. There are products for both immersion and spray applications to clean many substrates including steel and aluminium.

25 litre drums of cleaning chemicals ready to ship

Etching and Pickling

Dependant on the substrate, we offer a full range of etches and pickles to prepare the surface of your components for further coatings such as phosphate conversion coatings or paint.

metal surface being etched

Conversion Coatings

Conversion coatings can be used for a variety of reasons. Most notably to add corrosion resistance or to improve the surface appearance prior to the painting stage.

Confederate Chemicals manufacture a range of Phosphating chemicals to suit most needs providing light to heavy weight coatings.

We also offer a range of Chromating chemicals suitable for aluminium, we continue to monitor the regulation surrounding our processes.

engine parts with phosphate coating Screws with yellow/green chromate coating

Other Metal Finishing Products

Confederate Chemicals also offer a range of ancillary metal finishing chemicals such for applications such as derusting, dewatering, and short term corrosion inhibition.