paint stripping without dichloromethane paint stripper for polyester and epoxy polyesters from aluminium and steel with WR-STRIP from Confederate Chemicals paint stripper without methylene chloride
Over 40 years experience of industrial chemical paint and powder coating removal

aluminium stripping, aluminium extrusion, aluminium section, aluminium casting, aluminium profile

Aluminium Stripping

alloy wheel refurbishment, alloy wheel stripping, car wheel paint stripper
Alloy Wheel Stripping
jig stripping
Jig Stripping and
Steel Stripping
electrocoat, electropaint, e-coat stripping
methylene chloride paint stripper
Cold Stripping

Paint stripping applications - Click on the image to read about the different types

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You may have arrived at this site because you have searched for phrases about paint stripping similar to the ones above. Confederate Chemicals Limited, are a UK company who have supplied cold immersion paint and powder coating strippers based on Methylene Chloride for use in industry since 1975.

Since 1990 we have developed non methylene chloride paint removers and with our patented WR-STRIP, BJ-STRIP and AL-STRIP W, we lead the way forward.

Please note that we do not supply brush on materials and therefore cannot help with D-I-Y, house, furniture or car restoration issues. Also, due to the prohibitive cost of liability insurance, we are unable to deal with USA or Canadian enquiries.

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